Minecraft Story Mode – A Kid’s Review!

Minecraft Story Mode - Review

Guest review by our 12-year-old son, who’s just finished playing through Minecraft: Story Mode Episode 1 from Telltale Games. What did he think about it? Read on to find out!

I just played Minecraft: Story Mode Episode 1! Or as I like to call it, MCSM. Since this game is a Telltale Games series, you can expect a lot of point and click gameplay. Add yes, it is a lot of point and click gameplay. However, the main attraction is the story. While I won’t spoil TOO much, I will give you the gist. The story follows three friends: Jesse (You), Olivia, and Axel along with their pig, Ruben (More characters join and leave as the story goes on.)

They all want to win a building competition to get into EnderCon to meet one of the members of the Order of the Stone, Gabriel the Warrior. Like I said I am not going to go too far into the story, but let’s just say that things go downhill FAST.

Now, let’s get more into the gameplay. Like I said the game focuses on pointing and clicking along with a story driven choice system. Let’s start at the beginning, character choice. Now the game doesn’t have a super customizable character creation system. But it does have 3 different options for each gender.

Review continues below this video of our son’s reaction to his Minecraft bedroom makeover!

Now the story system is both basic and complicated at the same time… It has a very easy choice system. It gives 4 options that correspond to the different buttons on your controller. For instance, on the PS4, O may be the option to say yes. Now everything you say and do may affect the story. You can tell if your choice had a major impact on the story if a small box appears on the top left corner. It may say something along the lines of “Olivia will remember that” or “Nobody will remember that.”

The game also features a few simple fight scenes, but, they are very short and have hardly any diffuculty. They are more of a cinematic experience more than anything. All you have to do is hit one of the trigger buttons to attack. So it is a really basic attack system.

The game also features Minecraft style crafting. You might have to craft a bow to solve a puzzle. I personally think this is one of the best features in the game. Plus, since you can solve puzzles in different ways with this features, it allows for a more complex and customizable story.

Now, time to get to the point and click sections. The are all pretty simple. Move over here, tap that. Not to mention they are all relatively short. They can range from 3-5 mins. tops. Unless you are solving a puzzle, then it may take 6-10 mins. Then it goes back to a 10 min cutscene with choices along the way. But hey, it is a TellTale game.

The last section of gameplay is the quick-time events. They are all just basic button smashing/ reflex inducing sections. It is most exemplified in the “training montage” in the beginning of the game. Just basic hit the X button NOW!!! But they are all interesting and kinda fun.

Now, one thing I do really like, is the art style. It is well, blocky. What else would expect from a Minecraft game? The only thing I can’t stand is the mouth movements. They rarely ever look like the movements a mouth would make while talking. They useually look like the standard mouth open, mouth closed movements. Like when someone says, “LOOK OUT!” It looks like they are saying “Wha Wha!!!” That is my only real complaint for this game.

The price for the game is $5 an episode, or $25 for the whole season pass. So either way, you will pay $25 for the full game download.  While the game isn’t bad, it feels like it takes away from Minecraft. With very few building sections, and a plot based on something that doesn’t even exist in Minecraft, the game falls kinda short on the Minecraft aspect. However, it does make up for it with its clever graphics and Minecraft references. So on the rating scale, the game scores a…

I rate this 8.5/10


  • Clever Graphics
  • Minecraft References
  • Interesting Characters
  • Good Plot Development


  • Very Little Minecraft
  • Poor Animation
  • Not Enough ‘Real” Gameplay

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