Monster High Fierce Rockers Dolls


I’m really liking the look of the new Monster High Fierce Rockers dolls.   They do remind me of the Barbie and the Rockers dolls from when I was a kid or the Jem dolls (that I adored) as a child!   (The real Jem not the after school special they tried to pass off as Jem)

But, back to the Monster High dolls.  These dolls look amazing!  They are Toys-R-Us exclusives.

There is a Fierce Rockers 3 pack with Venus, Jinafire, and Clawdeen.  (this set really reminds me of Jem)


I love the box art!


(image from

There is another 2 pack with Catty  Noir and Toralei


I’m really liking these dolls, but I especially love the 3 pack.  They just give me a nostalgic vibe that I love.  I think I might be picking these up and hopefully we can review them at some point!


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