National Lampoon’s Disney Vacation

Real Life National Lampoon's Vacation Griswolds

Time to hit the holiday road!

These real life Griswolds took the ol’ Truckster to Wally Wor — er — Disney World.

From Yahoo

Steve and Lisa Griswold of Canton, Ga. own a travel agency — of course — and after years of jokes and questions about whether Steve knew where his sandwiches had been, the couple decided to embrace the fun with a trip to Disney World. Griswold hooked up with a Georgia tuning shop which managed to recreate George Barris’ ode to woody wagons using an appropriate Ford LTD Country Squire in a matter of weeks, down to correctly matching the color described by Eugene Levy in the movie as “metallic pea.” This being the 21st century, where children shall never be further than 10 feet from a screen at all times, the Truckster 2.0 comes with a DVD player, pre-loaded with the fictional Griswolds’ odyssey — viewable from the Family Trucksters’ rear side-facing bench seats.

Thankfully, Cousin Eddie was nowhere to be found.

[Source: Yahoo]


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