Will the New Netflix / Dreamworks ‘She-Ra’ Have The Power?


Netflix has announced they will be bringing the 80’s icon She-Ra back as an exclusive show they are creating in conjunction with Dreamworks. Noelle Stevenson, is listed as the Executive Producer. She’s best known as the creator of Nimona, and part of the Eisner-winning team on Boom Studios’ Lumberjanes.

Set to be released sometime this year, the once “Princess of Power” will be coming back, and it sounds like she will still be a sword wielding princess.  Netflix released the following comment in their press release.

“..fans are in store for an epic and timely tale that celebrates female friendship and empowerment, lead by a warrior princess tailor made for today.

The original was an epic tale that celebrated female friendship and empowerment too and was led by a warrior princess, so okay.  Sounds good so far. A bit worried about the words “made for today,” but okay.  I mean the new Voltron is amazing!  It is a modern take on it and the art and story are spot on.

The New Look of She-Ra

It all sounds good so far, but a lot of people are having issues with the image they showed.  First of all most of the fanfare shows the old She-ra. People are excited because they are seeing what they know and love.

Then, they showed the actual “approved” image. Honestly, I hope this is just an in-between because it’s mid expression, otherwise, I’m really not too sure how I feel about it, I would need to see more.

Like I said, it’s really hard to tell from just this image, so I’m holding out hope that when we see more it will feel like the Princess of Power.

You can make a new show using an old IP, but you can’t just throw everything out the window for a “modern tale.” The essence of what made it beloved really needs to stay in there somehow. I’m really hoping that’s what they will do here.  Netflix really does seem to get that. Most fans understand that a new version of a beloved show is going to still be a “new”version, but in order to still be a “version” it has to retain some of itself.

For a Bit, People Were Worried

People were not happy about the rumor of it being like Jem, with a female rock band. That was too far away from the “essence” of She-Ra.  It was shared on He-Man.org:

“We’ll probably relaunch She-Ra featuring a rock-and-roll band and a girl with long blond hair who will have a guitar instead of a sword. And we will probably do programming shorts directed at new digital media, such as telephones, for example, where we start to introduce these characters to brand-new consumers.”

Thankfully, it’s looking like this was not true, and from something said several years ago. I think people can calm down about it. Most agree a story about a rock-and-roll band and a lead with long blond hair works for Jem or Valhallen (from Dexter’s Laboratory), they don’t think it would be a good way to “modernize” She-Ra.

I think that success lies in a balance struck between old and new. Most fans seem willing to give a new show a try.  As long as they don’t throw out the baby with the bathwater, and keep some of what made She-Ra, well, She-Ra, I will bet the new show will have the power.

Sources: He-man.org, ScienceFiction.com



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