New Monster High Dolls and Sets Coming in 2017

Monster High Family Garden Ghouls

New Monster High dolls and plays sets are coming in 2017. Here’s a rundown of what you can expect this year.

Monster High Garden Ghouls

First up is the Monster High Garden Ghouls series.  This series will feature new designs of Toralei, Cleo de Nile and Twyla.  

There is also some new dolls including a large sized tree wood nymph doll called Treesa Thornwillow.  This doll is really cool, you can make her grow taller and her branches grow!

At nearly 15 inches tall, this Monster High garden ghoul really grows on you – the tree girl doll becomes a play set as you spread out her branches and open her trunk! Unclip her legs to let your imagination roam with the doll. Tree girl doll wears a vibrantly colored outfit with cool shoes and a tree-inspired headpiece. Six included garden-inspired pieces (flowers, bugs and a spider web) can be attached to the set in various places to uniquely decorate tree girl doll’s look and illustrate your garden stories. In addition, other pieces throughout the line can also connect for collecting fun

Also included in this line are three smaller dolls that are like fairies or pixies called the Garden of Frights Bug dolls. .  I think they are about 5.25”.  Jada Hindwing, Fyra Sparks, and Beeanca Stinger.

Meet the ghouls of this Monster High garden – adorable winged bug characters who live there. Designed in small scale (5.25 inches) with a new form factor, they come with a small plant for storytelling fun. Choose from a dragonfly doll, bee doll and firefly doll. Each wears a brightly colored outfit with shoes and headpiece and has vibrantly colored hair and bright wings. The plant friends are unique and connect to the larger tree girl (sold separately) – there’s flower-inspired piece for the dragonfly, a beehive for the bee and a mushroom for the firefly


There is a commercial on YouTube…

Tressa Thornwillow, Monster High, DollsGarden Ghouls Cleo De Nile Monster High

Garden Ghouls of Frights Jada Hindwing, Fyra Sparks, and Beeanca StingerGarden Ghouls Twyla Monster High 2017Garden Ghouls Toralei Monster High 2017

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Monster High Monster Family

Next up is a new Monster Family series.  There are two basic sets in this one features Lagoona Blue with her little sister Kelpie Blue and the other set features Clawdeen with her two little cub brothers (who are super cute!)  Then there is a Family kitchen set featuring Draculaura and her father Dracula.

There are also single sibling Monster Family Dolls with Lagoona’s little sister Ebbie Blue, Draculaura’s little sister Fangelica, and Clawdeen’s little sister Pawla Wolf.  These dolls are about 5.5”

Monster High Family Lagoona Kelpie BlueMonster High Clawdeen Wolf Cubs FamilyMonster High Ebbie Blue, Fangelica, Pawla Wolf

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Monster High Draculaura Dracula Vampire Kitchen

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What could a bunch of dolls need?  How about a Deluxe Bus that transforms into a salon and has four areas of play and a rooftop pool.

Hop on this Monster High bus for some Monster High magic – it transforms into a spa-themed play set for two-in-one fun! As a bus, the vehicle sports Monster High colors and details for signature style. But pull the bumper to open the side, flip the top and reveal the spa with rooftop lounge, then pull a little more to swivel six seats for access to a piranha pedicure. Pull up the mirror to create a primping station, lift up the smoothie station for a healthy treat and flip open the hood to reveal the Jacuzzi. When everyone is gore-geous, close up the spa and head back on the road to let your imagination go​​​.

Monster HIgh Deluxe Bus and Spa




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