New Minecraft Bedroom!

minecraft diy bedroom

This past weekend Thom and I decided to surprise our kids with a room make-over.  We told them we were going to be at a convention and they stayed overnight at my parents’ house, then we did our best to give them awesome new rooms!

Here’s a video reaction. We show you how we did it below!

For our son we decided to go with a Minecraft theme.  His old theme (clouds) were too young for him now and we wanted something that could be used when he was older as well. Here you can see the room before…

taping off minecraft bricks for painting100_2379100_2378 - Copy

 We started with a dark blue/grey color for the base.  You can use whatever dark shade you would like.  We knew we wanted to go with grey and our son’s favorite color is blue.

securedownload (2)

After a few hours we took the 1 inch 1/4 wide painters tape and taped off bricks 14″ high and 24″ wide.  This size would vary depending on the room.  I will warn you, this took a few hours (and this is a med-small room.)

Minecraft Bedroom

Next, I painted the lighter shade onto the walls.  I waited several minutes and removed the tape.  Do not wait until the paint is completely dry or it could peel off the paint.  Just give it time to set a bit..

minecraft room taped painted bricks

I added Minecraft Chest covers I made.  They cover storage bins to hide them.   I made the bedspread and pillows for my son at Christmas time. We took out the awful (and broken) blinds and added curtains that my Mother was nice enough to shorten for me. I purchased the wall torches  TNT Blocks and window decals from Etsy.   There are many vinyl clings on there and they are done well. diy-minecraft-bedroom-1 minecraft-bedroom-2   We have two of the 10X10 inch TNT Blocks and one is on his dresser and one is on his Door.  We also have a couple small ones by his door knob and light switch. minecraft-bedroom-3

minecraft bedroom creeper brick walls renovation

(Note: His sister’s bed was temporarily in his bedroom while we worked on her Disney Princess bedroom mural.)

minecraft doors closet cover chest cover bedroomminecraft room sword chest creeper blanket

  This is the Minecraft quilt I made for him last year. diy-minecraft-bedroom-4 My son was so surprised when he saw it!  He didn’t stop hugging us all night.


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