The New ‘Nintendo Labo’ Will Allow Gamers To Custom Build Accessories


Nintendo has recently posted a video demonstrating a new product they are releasing on April, 20, called the Nintendo Labo.

Here is the official video:

The Nintendo Labo is a very interesting and inventive concept. Gamers can purchase pre-made cardboard punch out pieces that they can then turn into a variety of fun and interactive gaming accessories.

I love this idea so much! This allows players to build and customize their own accessories. It reminds me a lot of those viral videos where people make hands out of cardboard and bands, but these actually assist you in playing games.  You just follow the Nintendo Labo instructions on the Switch cartridge to build various peripherals called (Toy-Cons.)

There will be 2 kits available.

(Each kit will contain a Switch cartridge and pre-cut cardboard sheets, and other accessories like strings, connectors, or bands.)

1. The Variety Kit

The Variety Kit will contain the cartridge and cardboard parts and accessories and will feature 5 different games. The Toy-Cons will include:

  • Piano (13 keys)
  • RC car
  • Fishing Rod

This set will retail for $69.99

2. Robot Kit

The Robot Kit will contain the cartridge and cardboard parts and accessories to create a backpack and visor.

This will retail for $79.99

One thing I really love about this product is the customization. It’s a blank canvas and you can color it however you wish.

Overall, the whole line is brilliant. Using inexpensive items like cardboard and string to teach people how to build accessories it clever and fun. I do worry about how they will hold up. $70-$80 for cardboard accessories does seem to be a bit high. I work with cardboard every now and then and it can bend or tear easily. But I still love the idea behind it and I am excited to try it out!

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