New STAR WARS: The Force Awakens posters!

Kylo Ren - The Force Awakens

The countdown to The Force Awakens continues! Disney/Lucasfilm just released some sweet single character posters earlier today, featuring Rey, Finn, Han Solo, Princess (or is that General?) Leia, and Kylo Ren. Noticeably missing is Luke Skywalker, whose role in the film seems to be a secret Disney wants to keep until December 17th.

You can check out those posters below.

In other news, the rumor is that Disney will be minimizing Leia’s “slave” getup from here on out. That’s right fanboys — no more Slave Leia merchandise to drool over! I don’t think that’s a huge loss. The costume was demeaning — it was supposed to be demeaning — and I didn’t feel particularly sorry for Jabba after Leia choked the hell out of him. But there’s been a bit of a backlash over action figures and dolls featuring this costume lately, so it’s not too surprising that Disney will be downplaying the look.

I don’t foresee any metal bikinis in Rey’s future, anway!

Han Solo - The Force Awakens Princess Leia - The Force Awakens Rey - The Force Awakens Kylo Ren - The Force Awakens Finn - The Force Awakens


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