New Trailer for Voltron Legendary Defender Season 2

Voltron Season 2 Legendary Defenders Netflix Dreamworks Animation

YES!  Voltron Legendary Defender Season 2 is coming soon.  Netflix and Dreamworks Animation have just put out a Season 2 trailer.

The second season of the show is to premier Jan. 20, 2017!   The trailer tells us Season 2 will have “New Worlds, New Allies and New Villains”  (well I would hope so.)
If you haven’t watched the first season you need to go now and watch it!

Growing up in the 1980’s I remember watching the Voltron: Defenders of the Universe show with my brother (Hi Todd!) and I remember my mom searching all over for one of the lions (either the black or yellow one) and I was with her when she found it at the local drug store.   I remember how the tails came out and they locked together!

I found a commercial collection on YouTube

Now they have new toys out for the Legendary Defender series.

Voltron Legendary Defenders Netflix Season 2 Toys Figures LionsVoltron Legendary Defenders Netflix Lions Season 2 PlaymatesVoltron Playmates Black Lion Dreamworks Netflix LionPlaymates Voltron Legendary Defenders Blue Lion Dreamworks NetflixVoltron Legendary Defenders Green Lion Season 2 Dreamworks NetflixVoltron Legendary Defenders Playmates Red Lion Season 2 Dreamworks NetflixVoltron Legendary Defenders Season 2 Playmates Dreamworks Netflix Yellow Lion



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