Nintendo 2DS should’ve been called Nintendo WTF.


Soooo, did you hear about Nintendo’s new handheld system?

It’s a 3DS. Without the 3D.

No, I’m serious. This would’ve made a great April Fool’s joke on some gaming site, but it’s for real.

In addition, this budget model DS sports a sleek, stylish new desi– oh, no, sorry about that. It just looks like an ugly wedge of colored plastic.

But it folds up nice and small for porta — oh, no. No. No it doesn’t.

At $129.99, it’s about $40 less than the 3Ds that, you know, lets you turn off the 3D. But hey, that $40 could buy you Super Mario 3D World so you can play in glorious 2D.

As tempting as this is, I think I might hold out for next year’s model: the monochrome 1DS. A bargain at $99.99.

At least this one folds. Just saying.


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