Pacific Rim – Pilot a Jaeger at San Diego Comic-Con 2014!


Ever want to pilot a Jaeger? Sure, we all do. Now you may get your chance at San Diego Comic-Con!

From the Huffington Post

“We are giving them a taste of the set, a physical representation of how elaborate the set can be,” said del Toro of the custom environments. “For a moment, they will be in the world of the movie, even if it’s a brief visit.”

That visit includes the Pacific Rim: Jaeger Pilot “Drift With the Rift” Experience. Based on last year’s blockbuster about giant monsters vs. giant robots (or kaiju vs. jaeger), the combat simulator utilizes Oculus Rift’s virtual reality tech and original film assets from Industrial Light & Magic. After strapping on the Oculus Rift headset, users will enter a 250-story fighting machine and go head-to-head against a kaiju.

Sounds pretty badass to me. Pacific Rim is one of my favorite movies of the last decade. Man, I was I was going to SDCC this year! Check out the video below.


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