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“Die, you meddling kids… and your stupid dog, too!”


“There will be no one to stop us this time!”

Sometimes you just gotta put a meddler in their place, right?

[Awesome cosplay photo courtesy of Benny Lee on Twitter.]

Wonder Woman vs. Giant Twinkie Craving Lady


Cooky La Moo is a big, dumb cow.

Thankfully, this starving starlet can be satiated with some microscopic (to her) creme filled cakes.

And Wonder Woman is happy to deliver the goodies with her “slender, sinewy muscles.”

Mia’s Journal: Entry #48

Diary of a Teenaged Girl

May 18th

I can’t believe I turn 15 in a couple of days. One more year and I’ll be driving!

I’m not having a party or anything. I’m saving all that for next year. Mom is taking me to dinner and then we are going shopping — to spend my birthday money!

This weekend I’m going to go out with Connie and Molly. They won’t tell me what they have planned, but I’m sure it will be fun.

Mia White
Age 14 (for now!)

DIY Steampunk Top Hats… made from duct tape.


You can do just about anything with duct tape… including making your own steampunk top hat.

Check it out here.

And here’s another version for the ladies.



So, who’s going to try making one of these? Anyone?

New LEGO Minecraft sets!


Now you can go to the LEGO Nether or save your LEGO villagers from the hoard of LEGO zombies.

Check it out…

lego-minecraft-netherLego-Minecraft_VillageAnd course, the classic set is still available…

LEGO-Minecraft-Steve-CreeperYou can buy these sets at the LEGO Store here.

Bizarre Japanese potty training commercial is bizarre.


It’s an anime tiger toddler.

Singing and pooping.

I really don’t know what else I can add to this.

Just watch the video, okay?

Nintendo 2DS should’ve been called Nintendo WTF.


Soooo, did you hear about Nintendo’s new handheld system?

It’s a 3DS. Without the 3D.

No, I’m serious. This would’ve made a great April Fool’s joke on some gaming site, but it’s for real.

In addition, this budget model DS sports a sleek, stylish new desi– oh, no, sorry about that. It just looks like an ugly wedge of colored plastic.

But it folds up nice and small for porta — oh, no. No. No it doesn’t.

At $129.99, it’s about $40 less than the 3Ds that, you know, lets you turn off the 3D. But hey, that $40 could buy you Super Mario 3D World so you can play in glorious 2D.

As tempting as this is, I think I might hold out for next year’s model: the monochrome 1DS. A bargain at $99.99.

At least this one folds. Just saying.

Review: Monster High ‘Wydowna Spider as Webarella’ SDCC Exclusive

2014 Monster High Webarella Wydowna Spyder returns!

I know we are a bit late to the party, but thanks to the wonderful Aaron Sparrow, she arrived today.

Our daughter loves Monster High. She has been in love with this doll since they did the voting for the next SDCC exclusive a couple of years ago. In that competition Scarah Screams won. Later, Headmistress Bloodgood was released at Toys-R-Us and Wydowna Spider as Webarella became this year’s Comic-Con exclusive.

Through it all, our daughter repeatedly asked for the “spider girl” and was very excited when she learned about her coming out. We felt terrible having to tell her that she most likely would not be able to get the “spider girl” because we couldn’t get to San Diego this year, nor could we afford the eBay prices. Thankfully, Mr. Sparrow stepped in and was able to help us. She will be one ecstatic little girl come next month on her birthday.


Sorry collectors, this Webarella will be removed from the box and played with. For now, she’s still in her box.

My first impression went like this: “Oh my gosh the outer box is stunning!”

The black box with the bright red letters, logo and webbing is beautiful, and that is just the outer box. When I opened that the doll was inside in another box. This box has a great art! It has a sleeve that covers up the extra outfit and has comic type art on it. The back of the box is also beautifully done. Inside was also a mini comic and one of the Monster High journals.


As for the doll itself? She is beautiful. I love her black skin with the bright red hair. Like Catty Noir, the colors are stunning. I also love her boots. The silver webbing really pops against the dark plastic. I have to admit the fact that she has six arms is also super cool.


My daughter is also going to be thrilled because she has a pet fly… named “Shoo.”

When I showed her the doll was out — besides her obvious excitement — all she wanted to know was if she had a pet and what it was.

I can’t wait for her birthday! (Because I want to play with her too!)

Daily Twinkie: It’s like the beginning of ‘The Dark Knight.’ But with Twinkies.


Double-crossed by a masked robber! Over Twinkies. Twinkies.

Thank God for you, Spider-Man.

In the robber’s defense, Twinkies were selling for a lot on eBay…

Real Life Super Mario Bros.


Mama Mia! These freerunners have to be seen to be believed!