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Terraria for iOS is out now! You need to download this.


Run, don’t walk, to the iTunes store and download Terraria.

(Well, okay… you can’t technically run to the iTunes store. Because it’s online. And that would be ridiculous. But you get the idea.)

Anyway, Terraria is a wonderful retro-style 2D ‘Metroidvania’ game that incorporates a lot of RPG and Minecraft-like elements, including digging, building and crafting all kinds of crazy weapons. It’s got a killer chiptunes soundtrack, too.

But it’s oh-so-much-more.

This game gets constant play on the Xbox at our house, and my son has been waiting for the iOS version for months.

Download it here. You won’t regret it!

Amazing Steampunk Sculptures!


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See more work by the fantastically talented Alain Bellino here.

News flash: The 12th Doctor might be a bit of a prick.


Will the 12th Doctor channel Malcolm Tucker? Gosh, I certainly hope so.

Peter Capaldi’s certainly no stranger to playing, well, pricks. Malcolm Tucker’s F-Bomb laced tirades are comedy gold, and I can see a [cleaner] version of that working for the next incarnation of the Doctor.

Showrunner Steven Moffat dropped some hints about the 12th Doctor in the latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine. According to Doctor Who TV UK, here are some of the highlights…

  • Moffat is pretty certain Capaldi will keep his native Scottish accent for the role

  • At the moment, they’ve only discussed Twelve’s costume in the lightest terms

  • Moffat wanted to flip the switch the other way after having two youthful and accessible Doctors in a row

  • He’s going to be an older, trickier and fiercer Doctor

  • “Just as Clara’s learning to have a proper old crush on him, suddenly he’s Malcolm Tucker!”

  • Moffat thinks it’ll be fun seeing Clara cope with the Doctor being completely different…

  • …”I think the fun story will be – and we have the opportunity here – is this is what regeneration can do to you. He can be very, very different.”

  • “People really love Jenna, so we make the Doctor quite difficult…”

  • …Moffat likens the situation to Tom Baker’s first season: “He’s really quite difficult to take at the beginning, and you’re very grateful that Sarah and the Brigadier are there to reassure you.”

Sounds cool to me. I’m tired of the Doctor being BFFs with everyone.

Now, if we could just get Malcolm Tucker’s layman’s take on Doctor Who…

The Shadowbinders Podcast: Episode 04

The Shadowbinders Podcast

“50 Shades of Geek.”

Are you geek enough? You might’ve thought that you were, but some people might disagree. Kam and I discuss geek elitism, the mainstreaming of geek culture, cosplay, conventions, the always controversial “Geek Girls” and some of the stuff we personally geek out about. Topics discussed this time around include Star Wars, Spider-Man, He-Man, She-Ra, Transformers, Rankin-Bass Christmas specials and… Street Hawk. Yes, Street Hawk.

Daily Twinkie: Catman craves your deep, dark, chocolatey chocolate.


Everybody knows about Catwoman. But what about Catman? And this man has a hankering for chocolate… deep, dark chocolate.

Yeah, baby. The darker the better.


Mia’s Journal: Entry #47

Diary of a Teenaged Girl

May 12th

We have a final writing assignment for English class.  It’s going to be a large part of our grade, and we only have two weeks to get it done!

The theme is:  “Where do you see yourself in 10 years?”

I can’t exactly write a paper about how I am married to Chris with two kids and my own antique shop.

I guess I could write about having my own shop and maybe about traveling around the country, finding new treasures.

I wish I could travel around the world.   I’ve barely gone anywhere.  I would love the chance to see new places and discover some treasures.

Of course, it would be a bit scary and probably dangerous… but I could be a different person in 10 years.  I really do want to travel.

Maybe this paper won’t take me as long to write as I thought it would…

Mia White
Age 14

The Head Museum could actually happen?


Okay, so you just had your head lopped off by the disgruntled and oppressed masses. Your grieving widow is off to prison. The people rejoice.

All’s right with the world and you’re off to whatever afterlife you believe in.


Not so fast, pal. Turns out you might not be quite dead yet.

According to LiveScience, a severed head might live a little longer than you’d want to.

In 2011, Dutch scientists hooked an EEG (electroencephalography) machine to the brains of mice fated to decapitation. The results showed continued electrical activity in the severed brains, remaining at frequencies indicating conscious activity for nearly four seconds. Studies in other small mammals suggest even longer periods.

If true in humans, those few seconds would provide enough time for a strange and terrifying experience: count off four seconds (“one Mississippi…”), and notice how much of your surroundings you can register.

Gah. Those are four seconds I could do without, thank you.

But hey, look on the bright side. You might live long enough to have your head attached to a robot body. That would be kinda cool, right?


Not quite Godzilla…


Scare Tactics? That’s weaksauce, man. Leave it to the Japanese to show you how to really scare the crap out of someone with a rubber lizard suit.

Review: My Little Pony ‘Derpy Hooves’ SDCC Exclusive


As soon as I heard about the Derpy figure coming out for the 2012 San Diego Comic Con, I immediately went to Google to see if anypony out there had her for preorder. The people who I did find were Ebay sellers. Turning to Ebay I found a Derpy SDCC figure for a reasonable $49.99 on the buy it now option, so that’s exactly what I did.

One month later, after SDCC ended I got an email from the Ebay seller expecting to let me know that my figure had shipped. WRONG!!

As it turned out back in 2012, the Derpy figures sold out so fast that the countless online sellers promising the exclusive pony had to deliver the same bad news that I had got. She was long gone and sold out before they could even get one.

After much frustration, and a few days later, the figures that people managed to get were popping up on Ebay and Amazon just to name a few. The price had also popped up. Derpy was originally being sold for $20 at the Con itself, around $50 by online presale from collector shops, and now had jumped up to around $100-$120 literally over night. People instantly began to complain about her price jump. Not me! I bought her without a second thought for this reason, Price and Value increase!

It’s been a little over a year since the Derpy figure came out, and looking around, her current average price is roughly $180-$250, depending on the seller, even some places taking her value as high as $300+. This reason is why I encourage those who want her to buy her immediately and not wait around and hope her price drops, because in all honesty, it won’t.

I’ve heard so many collectors tell me that her price will drop like the older Comic-Con pony figures, but what they don’t realize is the old pony figures have a very limited fan base; whereas Derpy is wanted by literally millions of Bronies. As rare as she already is, and with a large majority of her figures already snagged up by collectors and fans of the show, her value is only going to go up, which it has been doing for over a year now. If you want her, save your pennies, suck it up about the price, and get her before her value keeps rising.


Aside from price, the figure itself is a very nice collectors piece. Derpy stands at about 6” tall, roughly the same size as the Fashion Style Ponies. She’s made of the same material as the regular pony figures and has the brushable hair. And of course keeping to her character, the eyes are Derped! Her packaging is done in her grey and yellow/blonde color scheme keeping with her character, and accented with rainbows and the mare’s favorite food: Muffins!


The box is sealed with the official San Diego Comic Con 2012 sticker. You are literally insane if you tear that sticker and open the box.


All in all, I admit it’s very pricy for a pony figure; however, if you’re a true fan of the show and Derpy Hooves, your buyers remorse will be entirely gone once you get her and see her displayed on your shelf.

I give this figure 4.5 out of 5 for the main reason of her price. While the figure itself is amazing and the packaging is colorful and fun, Derpy’s price is what keeps most people away from her.

Wonder Flick: Upcoming JRPG for iOS (among others)


Wow. As if Oceanhorn wasn’t enough of a reason to get excited about console-style RPG gaming on iOS, along comes the bizarrely-titled Wonder Flick from Level-5.

From Gematsu

Level-5 is developing Wonder Flick, a new “1000-hour” fantasy RPG for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Wii U, PS Vita, iOS, and Android, the company announced during its Level-5 Vision press conference in Shinagawa.

The game, which features music from Final Fantasy composer Nobuo Uematsu, will have shared save data across every platform, and exclusive dungeons on each.

It is being planned, produced, and directed by Level-5 boss Akihiro Hino, features boss monster design by Professor Layton and Inazuma Eleven‘s Tokuzo Nagano, and character design by Final Fantasy XIII sub-character designer Nao Ikeda.

Players will be able to create their own character, journey the field map, visit towns, advance dungeons, go on quests, and battle monsters in flick-based combat.

In addition to helping compose the score for Oceanhorn, Nobuo Uematsu (Final Fantasy) is also working on Wonder Flick. And more Uematsu is always a good thing.

As for the unusual title? Well, you “flick” the enemies to attack, as you can see in the gameplay video below…