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Mia’s Journal: Entry #46

Diary of a Teenaged Girl

May 3rd

Prom is in a few days.  I hope I can go… sometime.  I do have a couple of years yet.

I was at the mall with Connie and Molly.  We were looking for swimsuits and they had put out a bunch of gowns, so we tried a few on for fun.

There was one that was black and strapless.  The skirt was a black sheer fabric with a white skirt underneath, and the top had white flowers on it that trailed down to the hem.  It was a bit vintage-looking, but it was so pretty.  I didn’t look half bad in it either.  Someday!

I did find a swimsuit.  I don’t like to wear swimsuits much, but this one is pretty. It’s a deep purple one-piece, with a small ruffle at the bottom.  It’s cute and not too exposed.  I would feel so… naked in a bikini.  I wish I was brave enough to wear one, and I admire women who can.  It’s too uncomfortable for me.

I blush just thinking about it!

Mia White
Age 14

Vamplets are ghoulishly fun!


If you are looking for a wonderful combination of cute and monstrous, look no further than the adorable Vamplets.   These “fangtastic” creatures come from the “Nightmare Nursery of Gloomvania.”

My daughter has Roari Snow, Howliss, Lily Rose Shadowlyn and the Zombie Guinea Pig and she loves them all. We picked them up on a whim at last year’s Baltimore Comic-Con, but it seems they’re really catching on as USA Today covered them recently.

Expanding beyond the plush line, the Vamplets story is being told in comic book form.  Volume 1 is currently available. The write up goes as follows…

Teenager Destiny Harper is at a crossroads in her life. Graduation is coming and she has zero prospects for the future. Answering an ad for the Night Care Nursery seems like a great idea, until she is magically transported to Gloomvania, where dark creatures lurk in the streets, and the world is being mysteriously overrun by baby vampires called Vamplets! Can Destiny serve her term as governess of the Nightmare Nursery and return home? Fairy tales get a modern update in this coming-of-age tale of monsters, mayhem, and magic.

In the store, you can find the adorable baby vampires in their coffins:  Count Vlad Von Gloom, Burton Creepson Jr., Evilyn Nocturna, and Lily Rose Shadowylyn,  Midnight Mori, and Cadaverson Nightshade.  Most are out of stock, but I hope they get them back in soon.


roary_snow024smHectorSM V_Kitty_Tail_Outs Rabbit_High_Resolution MidnightNew

You can also pre-order the Kickstarter-funded Ghost Pony, Vampyre Kitten, and Midnight Mori here.

Amazon carries some of the older styles with adorable choices like Hector the baby bat, Roari Snow the abominable snowbaby, the baby vampire Lily Rose Shadolyn, Howliss the baby werewolf, and Octavia the Cyclops baby.

You can also find them at ThinkGeek  and Entertainment Earth.

On the web:
Official site: www.vamplets.com

Oceanhorn: Zelda-esque action RPG for iOS

Oceanhorn for iOS

I’ve been keeping a close eye on the upcoming iOS game Oceanhorn. It looks like a great 3D Zelda-esque style RPG for the iPad… something that’s desperately needed. But I’m even more intrigued now that legendary RPG composers Nobuo Uematsu (Final Fantasy) and Kenji Ito (Secret of Mana) have signed up to compose the score.

These guys on an indie game?

That gives it some serious street cred for us old school RPG fans. I can’t wait!

Check out the gameplay videos below…

Steampunk Gizmoduck

Steampunk Gizmoduck

Blathering blatherskite! Here’s a kick butt custom steampunk Gizmoduck sculpted by deviantArt user Timbone.


[Source: deviantArt]

Masters of the Universe Classics only $10 at Big Lots!


Masters of the Universe Classics collection action figures are showing up at Big Lots stores.  The local store had the Mo-Larr vs. Skeletor 2-packs, Adora, Moss Man, Count Marzo and Icarus for only $10.00 each.

I ‘ve searched around online and learned that others have spotted Orko and Prince Adam 2-packs, Orko single pack, Man-e-Faces, Snout Spout, Sy-Klone, Megator, Vykor, Clawful, Teela, Chief Carnivous, Faceless One, Catra, Thunder Punch He-Man, King Greyskull and Leech.

They just started showing up a few weeks ago, but they’re still available. Here’s some more information on the Big Lots website.

We picked these up earlier today…

By the power of Big Lots!
By the Power of Big Lots!

The Shadowbinders Podcast: Episode 01

The Shadowbinders Podcast

It’s the third anniversary of the Shadowbinders webcomic, and Kam and I are reminiscing. We talk about what we’ve learned since our launch, as well as our future goals and plans. Also — stick around for the (truly awful) Shadowbinders theme song at the end!

Music by Dan-O at DanoSongs.com

Review: ‘Katie Cat’ Kawaii Crush doll


On a recent trip to Toys-R-Us I found these adorable Kawaii Crush dolls from Spin Master.  They are 3” of cuteness!  Each one comes with a pet and they have some larger dolls, playsets and accessory sets.

I picked Katie Cat.  She is an adorable doll with moulded pink hair and a white cat hat and white cat pet.  She also comes with a kitty ear headband, a skirt that looks like a ball of yarn, 2 removable shoes, and a sweet kitty pet.

From the back of the package it seems there are several other choices: a couple of pandas, a couple of kitties, a bunny, and owl, a monkey, and a penguin.

These seem to be for display purposes.  She moves at the hips, but she is not jointed in other places.  This limits her movement and would make it more difficult to play.

[Pics below. Click for a larger view.]


What they lack in mobility they make up for in cuteness.   I think I may buy some more of these to display on my shelf.

You can learn more by visiting kawaiicrush.com.


Trailer: ‘The Wind Rises’ from Hayao Miyazaki


Ghibli fans, rejoice. There’s a new Hayao Miyazaki film on the way.

Slate.com has the trailer in English here.

What’s your favorite Studio Ghibli movie? Comment below!

DIY Steampunk Spats

Steampunk Spats

Like steampunk? Like to crochet? Need a new pair of spats for that cosplay costume?

Then head over to Mrs. Greene’s blog and learn how to make your own spats!

[source: Mrs. Greene]

The TARDIS is real. Thank you, Google Maps.


It looks like The Doctor was taking a break from his wibbly wobbly timey wimey adventures and was caught by Google Maps.

And you know what? You can actually go inside.

Some say this was the work of Whovians at Google. I blame LINDA.

[source: TechCrunch]