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Steampunk Star Wars is where it’s at… at.


So what’s in your walker?

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Mia’s Journal: Entry #44

Diary of a Teenaged Girl

April 17th

Grandpa and I went to the antique show.  Thankfully, this one was indoors.  He had to sit down a lot and we couldn’t stay for more than a couple of hours, but it was still fun.  He looked tired but much happier and his color was better afterwards. I’m hoping the surgery improves his condition.

Grandma drove us because he can’t drive yet. So afterwards, she took us out to lunch.

I feel a bit guilty.  I sat at the table hoping no one from school would see me. One one hand, I don’t need another reason for Brianna to harass me.  On the other hand, I want to be around my grandparents, even if it isn’t “cool.”  Who knows how long I will have them and I am lucky enough to have fun grandparents!

Mia White
Age 14

Epic movie poster caricatures are epic.


Who ya gonna call? Ale Giorgini!

I hesitate to call his classy prints “fan art.” It’s truly first rate stuff that evokes a little bit of Al Hirschfield mixed with Genndy Tartakovsky.

Giorgini’s prints range from Star Wars to Hitchcock to, of course, Ghostbusters.

Browse his epic gallery for yourself here.

Mia’s Journal: Entry #43

Diary of a Teenaged Girl

April 6th

How did I get a “B” in science class?  Sure, I’m a little distracted, but Erin and I always do well together.  I need to stop worrying so much about Chris and Kara and focus more on my lab work.

Michael somehow managed to do quasi-well in everything.  So no grounding for him.

Yes,  I do realize that it is a bit pathetic that I was looking forward to my brother getting grounded… but it would have made me feel better about my “B” and about the journal incident if he had.

(Not to mention how entertaining it could have been.)

Upon writing this, I realize I need to get out more…

Mia White
Age 14

When will the 12th Doctor be revealed?


“Doctor… Who? Doctor… WHO?

It’s a question Whovians have been asking themselves ever since Matt Smith’s departure was announced earlier this year.

And not only has this question been asked, but it’s caused quite a bit of debate. Will the 12th Doctor be a man? A woman? Black? White? Ginger? Who knows?

What we do know is that the next Doctor will turn up in the Christmas special.

Aaaaand… that’s about it.

Comic-Con 2013 has come and gone, and despite several unsubstantiated casting rumors, we’re no closer to learning the identity of “Twelve” than we were a few months ago. Say what you will about showrunner Steven Moffat — the man can keep a secret.

In the meantime, you can watch last week’s Doctor Who panel from Comic-Con below, and speculate on all things Who in our forums.

Superman / Batman team up for ‘Man of Steel’ sequel

Neck-snappin' fun with Supes.

Quite possibly the biggest news to come out of Comic-Con this year was that there’s a sequel to Man of Steel in the works.

(Who cares, right?)

No, that’s not the big news. The big news is that it’ll be a team up with Batman. And Christopher Nolan is involved.

So, it sounds like it’s sort of a pre-Justice League flick to tide the fans over until Warner Bros. gets its [stuff] together.

“But wait a minute,” you say. “Didn’t Batman retire in The Dark Knight Rises?”

[SPOILER] Why yes. Yes he did. [/SPOILER]

“So WTF?”

This… T… F.

Apparently there’s talk of a “new” Batman, according to the press release.

Oh dear. Are we getting a reBat already?

It’s an interesting turn of events for sure, but I keep thinking it might go down like this…

[photo: DC Comics]

Build your own TARDIS


Hey kids, you can make your own TARDIS at home! No, really!

Thanks to deviantArt user CyberDrone, you can make all kinds of wonderfully geeky doodads out of paper.

Sadly, the paper TARDIS is not bigger on the inside.

Check out CyberDrone’s other printouts in the gallery here.

Win an Ever After High ‘Madeline Hatter’ doll!


Over on the Shadowbinders comic site, we’re giving readers the opportunity to win a Madeline Hatter doll from the brand new Ever After High line! This beautiful doll is the daughter of the Mad Hatter, and has a glint of crazy in her eye.

These dolls are very hard to come by, so don’t miss out! The contest ends August 2nd, 2013!

Victorian Homes: Living the Steampunk Life


I’m always a sucker for a beautiful Victorian home. And I’m man enough to admit it.

Pinterest user Kitschy Cupcake has collected some amazing images of Victorian homes that you really should check out here.

Got any more links to some awesome Victorian homes? Feel free to post them in our forums.

Anamanaguchi’s ‘Endless Fantasy’ plays on my iPod. Endlessly.


Every once in awhile I stumble across an album I listen to over and over again without tiring of it.

This happened in the 90’s with Smashing Pumpkins’ Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness.

It happened last year with M83’s Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming.

And it happened this week with Anamanaguchi’s Endless Fantasy.

Anamanaguchi plays “chiptunes.” That is, their stuff sounds like it’s blasting from an NES.

Well, kind of. It’s actually a little more complicated than that. Endless Fantasy sounds like a rave with someone playing Nintendo. Loudly. And that’s no bad thing. Most of the tracks are downright infectious, and evoke nostalgia not only with 8-bit sound, but also with retro titles such as “John Hughes” and “Akira.”

Hey, it’s good stuff and I recommend giving it a listen. Check out the video for title track below.