POOR BARB! Kawaii ‘Stranger Things’ Fan Plushie is Cute!

Barb - Stranger Things

barb - stranger things

RIP Barb. Barb was one of our favorite characters on Netflix’s runaway hit ‘Stranger Things.’ So how better to lament her fate than by hugging your own Barb plushie?

Here’s the write-up from Etsy

Be a better friend than Nancy was to Poor Barb! Poor Barb is your conscience, your confidant and your wing-woman. She’ll stay undeservedly loyal and won’t let any man stand in the way of your friendship. Poor Barb will remember you even as you forget about her.

Poor Barb just needs a hug.

You know what the kids at Hawkins Middle School all say: “A hug a day keeps the slugs away!”

Won’t you keep her safe?

CAUTION: Poor Barb is tragically unhip. Poor Barb is not a party animal. Poor Barb is not intended to use for fashion advice or advice on romantic relationships. Poor Barb may stay when you tell her to go. Please keep Poor Barb away from large bodies of water.

THE SKINNY: Poor Barb is a fan made pillow that’s approximately 12″ tall and quite fluffy. Like Actual Barb, Poor Barb is a unique flower and each pillow is hand made. Your Barb may differ slightly from the Barb shown — and that’s okay! We’re not all cut from the same cloth (even if all Poor Barbs are indeed cut from the same cloth.)

Like a fine artisanal cheese, we custom make each Poor Barb and she should ship within 48-72 hours of of order.

You can go see Poor Barb for yourself on this Etsy listing.


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