POWER UP BOX: Video Review / Opening


POWER UP BOX is a new geek and gamer subscription box service, and we’ve been given the opportunity to be one of the first to review it and do an opening on Youtube!

I have to admit — we love these things. At Shadowbinders HQ, we’re currently subscribed to 2 or 3 subscription box services and it looks like we may be adding another. If you’re unfamiliar with the concept, each month you pay a flat fee of around $20 and get a surprise box full of goodies. Loot Crate is the current leader of the pack, but I really think Power Up Box can give it a run for its money!

Check out the video opening below with the family’s first experience with Power Up Box…

Currently, Power Up Box comes in two offerings — a $19.95 Deluxe box (4-6 items) and a $29.95 Premium Box (with 6-9 items.) I like that you can scale  your subscription, and our Premium Box was big and chock full of goodies. Some of the better items included a Batman plushie, a Silver Surfer bobblehead and a wicked cool “Why So Serious?” Heath Ledger Joker t-shirt.

For a first month, they’re off to a great start and if you’re looking for an alternative (or an addition to) your current monthly subscription box, Power Up Box is definitely worth your money!



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