Re-imagining Characters the Steampunk Way


I have been seeing a lot of great Steampunk Cosplay lately.  I have really loved the ones that take established characters and re-imagine them in the Steampunk Style.

The main image is a great Rainbow Dash -Steampunk hybrid from cosplayer Furuko Yoiko as showcased on Steampunk Tendencies Facebook Page

Here are a few I have found:

Steampunk Batman!  He is the night.  I have seen several Batman Steampunk outfits, but I really liked this one.

Batman Steampunk DC Gotham by Gaslight Jordan Monsell Cosplay

According to the site  This is a costume by Jordan Monsell and it is based off of the DC One-shot comic Gotham by Gaslight  –where Batman takes on Jack the Ripper.  Okay. I admit, I will have to read that sometime.

Besides Batman I have seen a lot of Steampunk cosplay of the Joker, Poison Ivy, and Harley Quinn

Another one I loved is the Steampunk Buzz Lightyear.  This is just awesome!

According to the site The cosplayer’s name is Scott N.  And his adaptation of Buzz is really beyond…beyond awesome!

Buzz Lightyear Light Year Toystory Toy Story Steampunk Cosplay

I just love this!

Of course you can’t go wrong with Steampunk Star Wars.  Boba Fett lends himself well to an adaptation.  You can see a great example on

steampunk boba fett star wars cosplay

You can find a lot of great Steampunk Star Wars cosplay.  Just do a search.  Tons of great stuff!

Another great one you see is Steampunk Iron Man.  You can see more about it on

steampunk Iron Man cosplay costume

Another one near and dear to my heart is the Steampunk Wonder Woman.  When I was a kid I wanted to be Wonder Woman, and I even had the Under Roos!  Here is one example of a Wonder Woman done Steam style from Molly McIsaac

steampunk wonder woman cosplay costume molly mcisaac

I loved this one because she has a great coat and the pants.

As a Whovian  I have to include a great Steampunk Doctor Who character.  How about a Cyberman.   From Fanboy Fashion  (originally from according to the image)  I found this great image of a fantastic costume.  They didn’t list the cosplayer’s name, but great job!!

steampunk cosplay doctor who whovian cybermen cyberman


Next up we have a Steampunk Link cosplay by (according to the photo stamp Molecular Agatha)  As seen on the site Fashionably Geek

I love this interpretation of the popular game character

steampunk link costume cosplay

Also from Fashionably Geek I have a great Steampunk Tinkerbell Costume.  I posted about this on Facebook the other day. Created by Firefly Path  I LOVE this. What a fantastic job!

steampunk tinkerbell tink disney cosplay costume


I found several great Steampunk Adventure Time images

Finn and Flame Princess from Kikikabuki on Deviant Art

Steampunk Adventure Time Finn Flame Princess Cosplay costume

A Steampunk Group from Katsucon 2013.  From More Like This on Deviant Art

lemongrab lemon grab flame princess bubblegum princess marcelene and lumpy space princess steampunk cosplay

Steampunk Marshall Lee.  I love this.  From  This is her friend Joe.

Marshall Lee adventure time steampunk cosplay costume

I admit it.  I am a fan of Sailor Moon.  I love this Sailor Moon / Steampunk mash-up.  From comes this great Steamified Sailor Moon.

steampunk sailor moon costume cosplay

I am going to finish this post with a Steampunk Maleficent and Evil Queen double punch.  From Epbot these two lovely ladies named Christi and Robyn completely brought it in their great Dark Disney Steampunk costumes

maleficent evil queen disney steampunk cosplay costume


There are all kinds of great Steampunk Inspired costumes.  I love going to conventions to see what people think of next.  I can’t wait to see what great things the Cosplay community has in store for us.


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