Review: ‘Katie Cat’ Kawaii Crush doll


On a recent trip to Toys-R-Us I found these adorable Kawaii Crush dolls from Spin Master.  They are 3” of cuteness!  Each one comes with a pet and they have some larger dolls, playsets and accessory sets.

I picked Katie Cat.  She is an adorable doll with moulded pink hair and a white cat hat and white cat pet.  She also comes with a kitty ear headband, a skirt that looks like a ball of yarn, 2 removable shoes, and a sweet kitty pet.

From the back of the package it seems there are several other choices: a couple of pandas, a couple of kitties, a bunny, and owl, a monkey, and a penguin.

These seem to be for display purposes.  She moves at the hips, but she is not jointed in other places.  This limits her movement and would make it more difficult to play.

[Pics below. Click for a larger view.]


What they lack in mobility they make up for in cuteness.   I think I may buy some more of these to display on my shelf.

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