Self-Publishing Kindle e-Books: Big Money?! – The Shadowbinders Podcast Episode 20

Uncle Scrooge McDuck by Carl Barks

Quit your job to self-publish eBooks on Amazon? According to a recent Forbes article, one dad did… to the tune of $450,000 a year! But before you go turning in your two weeks notice, you need to ask yourself if you can truly earn a full-time living by self-publishing eBooks, blogging, podcasting, making webcomics or just about any other DIY endeavor!

We talk about various methods of publishing in 2015 and beyond — traditional and self-publishing — and weigh the pros and cons of each. We also talk about platform and why it’s so very important, as well as the tenacious attitude a DIY entrepreneur will need to succeed! Whether prose or comics, if you’re interested in self-publishing this podcast episode is for you!

Also… we talk about Disney ducks. Because, you know, we just have to!

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