Shadowbinders is on POP Comics?!

POP Comics / Shadowbinders

We’ve been kicking the tires on the new POP Comics app for several months now, and can finally announce that yes, Shadowbinders is on POP Comics and will be uploading its archives in 5-10 page chunks over the coming months. In fact, we were even featured in the Tokyopop newsletter this afternoon.


Anybody who knows us knows that we’re early adopters. We were the first to print a comic with Print Ninja (now the defacto printer for many indie comics) and we backed Tapastic waaaay back in the day when they had less than 100 comics on there (and they now have more than 10,000 at last count.) And I’m beta testing a bunch of other stuff you probably won’t hear about for awhile.

So when the opportunity presented itself to check out a brand new digital comics platform, we said yes.

And from a purely technical standpoint, POP Comics is a thing of beauty. Really. It’s incredibly easy to upload comics and I dig the reading experience it offers users. In the near future, they promise to roll out a more viable monetization strategy for creators than traditional IAB banner ads are currently offering, so there’s that.

Speaking of creators, the app lets creators retain 100% control and ownership of their content.

No, seriously. I know some people are having a hard time believing that, but we wouldn’t have agreed to post our work on there if that wasn’t the case. We even had conversations with the people in charge over there months before agreeing to post anything just to make extra certain.

POP Comics is a platform. This is not a publishing deal. They own nothing and are non-exclusive. Think YouTube, but with comics.

Should that change, we might rethink whether or not we want to keep our work on there. But for the foreseeable future, you can read the Shadowbinders archives on the POP Comics app. It can be downloaded at





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