Starfire Joins ‘DC Super Hero Girls’ Toy Line! Full Review!

DC Super Hero Girls Starfire Doll from Teen Titans Go!

“The Booya!” as Starfire would say!  Mattel has just released Starfire as a new DC Super Hero Girls 12” doll.  

This doll is beautiful.  I love how they used the reds of her hair with the purple and the green of her star bolt.  It’s a combination that really works! My daughter was a bit disappointed that Starfire doesn’t have pink hair in this series, but her red hair with yellow underneath looks great!

Check out my daughter’s video review of the Starfire doll below.

Her dress is pretty and — good news  — you can fight crime and wear clothes that cover your body! She also has sturdy purple boots.  

I really like how these dolls are built.  They are more like a real body than other fashion dolls.  The dolls feel more substantial for play–some dolls can look and feel fragile.  If you are saving the world or battling Trigon you need that strength in design.

Something else I really liked about this doll was how relatively easy it was to remove from the box.  We’ve all been there with dolls in boxes that take scissors, prayers, and lots of bandages to remove.  She opened up and I just snipped the plastic holding her in and used pliers to get the tags out of her head (that is one thing I wish they would stop securing dolls with.)  She was ready to go in just a minute or two!

My only complaint is that these dolls do not come with a doll stand or brush.  They do stand up pretty well on their own, but for about $20, I don’t see why they couldn’t throw in a brush.

Overall this doll is awesome. Seems sturdy, beautiful colors, and as Starfire representations go, she’s very age appropriate!  Good job Mattel!

I recommend Starfire and all her doll friends!  You can find them at major retailers and places like Amazon (if you buy from our link it helps support this blog and our other projects.)


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