Stranger Things Pop Vinyls are Coming Soon!

Stranger Things Funko Pop Vinyl Toys

You can give Barb a better ending. Stranger Things Pop Vinyl figure are coming in February!!! The popular 3 ¾ collectible figures are always a hit at any con we go to. Our son is all about these! They were announced a bit ago, but I wanted to remind you all to pre-order the awesome!

First up is Eleven! I love the Eggos and the blood under her nose!

There is also a chase variant. I really love this one!

Eleven with Eggo 421 Chase Variant

There will also be an Underwater Eleven Hot Topic exclusive figure
Eleven Underwater Pop 422 Upside Down Will 437 Hot Topic Think Geek

There are two versions of Will.
Healthy Will

will Beyer Stranger Things Pop

Upside Down Will which is a Think Geek exclusive. (pictured above)

Of course we have to have the Demogorgon (what no slug baby?)
Demogorgon Pop Vinyl 428 STranger Things

There is also a variant for the Demogorgon…I’m not sure how I feel about it though. I like how it has the humanoid form, but the other version says Demogoron to me more.

Demogorgon Chase Variant 428 Pop Vinyl Stranger Things

Next up we have Mike with a walkie-talkie
Stranger Things Pop Vinyl Mike 423

Lucas with binoculars
Lucas Stranger things Pop Vinyl 425

Dustin with compass figure
Dustin Stranger Things Pop Vinyl 424

Joyce with Lights

Stranger THings Joyce Pop Vinyl 436

Barb Stranger Things Pop Vinyl 427


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