Super Smash Bros. – Here Comes A New Challenger!

Ryu Super Smash Bros.

Hey! Ryu’s coming to Super Smash Bros. Supposedly.

The barefoot Street Fighter brawler is ready to open a can of whoop-ass on hardened thugs such as Kirby and Pikachu, according to Kotaku.

Back in April, there were reports that claimed Reddit user shinyquagsire23 datamined Smash Bros. sound files that seemed like they came straight out of Street Fighter, or referenced Ryu. Reports also said Smash Bros. players discovered sound files belonging to Roy, from Fire Emblem. At the time, it was difficult to verify the veracity of these claims. But today, there is finally footage that seems to support them.

Here’s a video of the reported footage…

And here’s a video with the alleged sound effects from the upcoming game…

So is Nintendo going to go ahead and buy Capcom and Sega already?


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