The Awesomeness of Ultraman Figures!


Let me start by saying how much we love Kaiju at our house.  Our son has a massive collection and he and his sister sit and watch Ultraman after school most days.  We got to get them to  G-Fest sometime—That’s right…they aren’t just for boys!

It all started when we got him the Ultraman boxed set with Pepsi points (remember those several years ago?)  There are many series! You can buy them or watch them on Crunchyroll or Hulu.

And then I found him two Godzilla figures at a Goodwill.  That set it all off.

But what he really loves right now are the Ultraman 500 figures.  These figures are great!  They are sturdy and affordable!!!  He would also LOVE the Ultraman Pop Vinyl (if anyone can hook me up please let me know!)

But back to the 500 series! These figures are great! We have a bunch of these and a lot of them you can get for just a few dollars (free shipping!)  They average 5″-6″–not the small gashapon figures (although you can get those too)


Then check this out! It’s a tank…it’s a dino…IT’S DINO-TANK!(got to love the straight forward naming)

There are TONS of these on there!  Go check them out!  If you want to get your kids Kaiju and you don’t want to break the bank, these are a great option!


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