The Truth is Out There! X Files Re-boot Rumors


The recent buzz around the internet is that Fox is in early talks to bring back the X-Files.

When looking it up I found this info from IGN.

Dana Walden (co-chairperson Fox Television)

“Gary and I both worked through the entire run of the X-Files. It was a great experience, we’ve maintained great relationships with creator Chris Carter, Gillian [Anderson], and David [Duchovny]. We’re very hopeful. It’s hard because they’re actors who are very busy. Chris has a lot going on. So it’s about finishing those conversations.”

Seems that the interest is there but it is a matter of getting all parties available at the same time.

They seem to not want to move forward without creator, Chris Carter.  That is something.

So it is all up in the air.  Will they or won’t they?  Who knows.  But for now there is a glimmer of hope.


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