Holiday Toys 2014 — My Kids Picks Son Edition

Godzilla Christmas Tree

Soon the commercials will start.

Nevermind, they already have!  

It’s that time of year–the Holiday Blitz.   My kids are pretty good about picking things.  I compiled a list of toys and Games they are interested in this year.  (Girl 7 and Boy 11)   I hope this could help give someone else ideas to ease their Holiday headache.

This one is my son’s suggestions.  He is 11.    Here are some items that he is looking forward to this upcoming holiday season.

One word that about every parent of children know  MINECRAFT!  My kids both LOVE it!  My son is all about it.  We even re-did his room in Minecraft this past March.   HERE is the post.

So you can say that this is at the top of his list!   What can you get that is Minecraft (besides the game?)  Well.  How about the action figures!  Yes.  They make Action Figures!

He is really wanting the Spider Jockey figure I just posted  and the Animal pack   They also have Creeper, Steve, Iron Golum, Villager Blacksmith, and more!

(image from


If soft and squishy is more your speed how about some of the Minecraft Plush!  There are tons of choices, squid, pig, sheep, baby ocelot, enderdragon, bat, Enderman,  and more.


Another great idea in the Minecraft vein is the Handbooks.  There are some great books out there to help with the various aspects of the game.

There are 4 books:  Essential Guide, Red Stone, Construction, and Combat.  There is also a 4 book set coming out in October.


Next up is MiP the Balancing Robot  This is an interesting toy.  You can control it with some of your mobile devices.  It will also carry small objects.  There are different colors to choose from.

Lego Fusion  My son is excited about this.  From how I understand it, you download the free app and then you use special sets to design pieces to scan into your game and use.

There are several sets :Town Master, Battle Towers, Create and Race, and a Lego Friends Resort Designer set.

Disney Infinity 2.0   My kids are both interested in this.  They loved the first one.

There are a few versions for this (including various systems)  Make sure you get the starter pack for the system you need.  The extra figure packs should work on all the 2.0 sets.

The other popular one coming out is the new Skylanders Trap Team   You will need to make sure you buy the pack to go with your gaming system.  There will be extra add on figures you can purchase as well.


Besides the games you need Systems.  The two big ones right now are the Xbox One, Wii U and the PS4


Xbox One  One of the three big systems out currently.   Check each system to see what games they support.  For example, if your kid is a fan of Halo, you will want to go with this system. My son is looking forward to the upcoming Master Chief Collection. It has
Halo: CE Anniversary
Halo 2: Anniversary
Halo 3 & Halo 4
Halo: Nightfall (Digital Series)
Halo 5: Guardians Multiplayer Beta



Another one of the big 3 choices is the Wii U.  Of course if you want to play the Mario or Zelda games you are going to need this system.  One great thing is all the bundles available.  Mario/Luigi Bundle, Skylanders Bundles, Zelda Bundles, etc.

Finally we have the PS4.  Again you can get bundles.  Right now the popular one is the Destiny Bundle.


I am sure we will be adding more as it gets closer to Christmas.  His picks are a lot pricier than his sister (for the most part) but he is older.


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