Hasbro Unveils Transformers G1 Unicron Toy at SDCC 2019 that Costs… $575?!


Hasbro has created their biggest Transformers toy yet, based on the biggest Transformer in Transformers lore — the planet eater Unicron.

While there have been previous attempts at Unicorn before (most notably in the Transformers: Armada line in the early 2000s) none have been G1 accurate, and certainly not this massive.

This mega-sized action figure will be available via Hasbro’s collector oriented crowdfunding platform, Hasbro Pulse. He will cost $574.99 and be available starting in 2021… the 35th anniversary of Transformers: The Movie, in which he was the “big bad.”

Last year, Hasbro used the same platform to crowdfund the massive Jabba’s Sail Barge playset for their 3.75″ Star Wars line.

Here are more photos of this beautiful toy via Hasbro…

[Source: Hasbro]



  1. I’ll just stick to owning the animated Transformers Movie on home video, thank you!
    I couldn’t justify $575 for ANY action figure…

  2. That’s over $750CAD. And that’s without shipping and taxes. lol

    For that much money I’d have to get a robotic Vulpix that moves around or something. Spending that much on something nerdy is just insane to me. Especially when it takes up so much room. You know how many Pokemon plushies I could buy for $750CAD? D:


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