Tristan’s Stories #1


Our son Tristan is all about making…unusual stories.  Occasionally, we will share his works in a Tristan’s Stories Blog Post.

This will be the first one.

If I was a Fat Potato

by Tristan Pratt

I am now a potato.  A fat, useless, potato.  I only ate a total of 9,921 potatoes.  My mother did tell me I would turn into a potato if I kept eating them!  Might as well enjoy being a potato.


I will first climb off of the countertop.  Oh wait!  I have no legs or arms!  I have no appendages!   I could always roll…YES!  I am moving!  Here I go–off the new, very high, counter top.  AHHHHHHH!!!!  Splat!


I have lost half of my body weight.  It is scattered on the ground.  OH NO!!  My dog Tibbles, also known as Tibblesarthurmcturdz Jr., is coming  to eat me!  No Tibbles!  NO!


I am now a piece of dog feces.   There is my mother, yelling at Tibbles for pooing me out all over the floor.  There it is!  The plastic bag–Where poo goes to die #EndOfTheLine.  I am now in the bag.  I see the trash can, here it is, the end of Jimmy Bob Jeenkinz.


I am now compost in the ground.  I am the earth.  I contain a seed of a little flower and I will keep it alive.  After a time my flower finished growing.  It is a tall sunflower!  I will protect it!  Oh NO!  A Goat!  Run little flower! Run!  Oh wait, you have no appendages.  I’m sorry little flower.


OMG!  It was all a dream!  I am still a huma….POTATO!!!




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