Batwoman Ratings TANK on Week 2! Will it Get CANCELED?!


Batwoman ratings tank on its second week. With WarnerMedia’s merciless budget cuts, will this show get a season 2? Will the Arrowverse end after Crisis on Infinite Earths? The ratings are slipping all the way around…

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    • This show won’t get cancelled, mediocre or not.
      It may still be doing “well enough” to stay alive and the CW executives have a dumb point to prove (that few people care about) despite the fact that the audience for this crap is very low. Honest people will admit Ruby Rose just isn’t a good actress. And she has a Charlie Brown head in that bat cowl.

      I’ve never been impressed by the CW series and the superhero shows just look BAD.
      I guess I’m too old to be impressed by the cardboard characterizations and the awful acting I’ve seen in clips. I’m much more impressed by the big network shows (the syndicated stuff was crap, though) we got in the 1990s (The Flash, Lois & Clark for the first few years) and the 1950s Adventures of Superman TV series.
      What we have now is just too dystopian. It’s very negative and the opposite of uplifting. I thought superheroes were supposed to inspire people, NOT remind them of how awful humanity can be AND make people like they’re weak and need rescuing by superhuman angels.
      That last observation is a big reason why I don’t collect comics published after 2000. The last 30 years in publishing have generally been a huge dumping ground for BAD superhero comics. The 1940s, 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s were MUCH better for those types of comics. Coincidentally, they also published a LOT more than just superhero comics at Marvel and DC. They did westerns, war comics, romance, AND horror comics the last of which had some legendary runs that are only now being reprinted.

      Hollywood and the likes of Dan Didio and Joe Quesada have RUINED modern superhero comics with unnecessary reboots, reinventions of characters, and their constant piling on of darkness and death.

      Oh, and American comics should not be defined JUST by superheroes. Like I mentioned, there used to a be lot variety in genres and subject matter than there is now.


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