OPINION: Both Vic Mignogna AND Funimation Lost Last Week.


In my opinion, both Vic Mignogna and Funimation lost last week. And the biggest losers of all were anime fans. All but a handful of defamation charges were dismissed on Friday, dealing a huge blow to Mignogna’s team. And Defamation is very, VERY hard to win. The usual suspects had their usual hot takes, but regardless of whether or not Vic wins this, damage has been done to Funimation… and the entire anime industry. And it could take YEARS to heal.

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  1. Vic Misogynist’s toxic fans are better removed from anime circles completely.

    But hey, I see you link to Bullshit Incel Crackpots the neo-nazi gamergate site, so… have fun lying your little vicsucking asses off in your video.

    • Sounds like someone’s a little sore that the Story they have been pushing is all lies perpetrated by liars and wife beaters on a casting couch and my word the language on this one.

    • I don’t know if Vic is innocent or guilty, however, there is evidence that the folks on the other side of the arguement are just as bad as you claim Vic is. If they refuse to punish Chris Sabat and Sean Schemmel for what is apparently the same behavior Vic was fired for, it implies Vic was fired not for sexual misconduct but for political/personal reasons.

    • Here we see the rare wild Umadbro in his natural habitat, the comment section. Listen as he trumpets his distinctive call in his sad, hopeless quest to attract female or indeed any attention…

    • Someones a little sore. Funimation as it is shouldn’t heal. It should die and be reborn from its ashes, better than ever.

      But you talk about toxicity, yet you are among those who are toxic. Ironic, isn’t it?

    • I don’t really give a shit about anime (all dubbed anime is trash btw) but I appreciate hot takes in spaces that don’t appreciate them.


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