Where to read the Shadowbinders webcomic elsewhere…

POP Comics / Shadowbinders

It’s 2016 and webcomics don’t seem to want to be contained to standalone sites anymore. With the rise of several new comics communities and mobile comics apps, there’s never been more opportunities to get your work seen by a comics-hungry audience. Unknown to many of our readers here, Shadowbinders has been quietly posting on other platforms for the past few years.

On Tapastic (tapastic.com), we’ve been posting Shadowbinders since 2013 or 2014. In fact, we were one of the first American longform comics on the platform, and we’ve had well over 1 million views since posting there! [Read Shadowbinders on Tapastic here.]

On LINE Webtoon (webtoons.com) we posted a handful of episodes during their challenge competition last year, but found that we were arbitrarily being downvoted by those trying to win the contest and stopped. However, it seems the community the come a long way since the competition has ended and is really coming into its own. We recently found out that we had cultivated a decent-sized readership over there and began updating again. [Read Shadowbinders on LINE Webtoon here.]

Finally, we have POP Comics (popcomics.com). POP Comics is the slick new mobile comics app by TokyoPop. While it’s still fairly new, we really dig the interface and think the platform has a lot of potential. In fact, we talk about that here. With a focus on traditional “page turning” as opposed to the infinite scroll of Korean comics apps Webtoons and Tapastic, this one might wind up attracting the attention of more established comics creators who’re still drawing primarily for the printed page. It’s definitely worth watching and downloading! [Download POP Comics for iOS and Android here.]

So there we have it. If you’re using Tapastic, LINE Webtoon or POP Comics, you can follow Rhen and Mia on your favorite mobile device!


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